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Brian Kehner

Staging The Difference Consulting
staging thedifferenceconsulting
Brian Kehner

Finding purpose through joy led me to theDifference in 2019…as well as a very compelling offer to work with my dad.

As a Solution Designer and Facilitator, I combine two passions in bringing people together and making work much more enjoyable. Through my time at theDifference, I’ve been known for fusing our collaborative design philosophy with emerging technology to create experiences that unlock new insights, better solutions, and, most importantly, stronger connections.

Before joining theDifference, I spent time in the folding carton and paper packaging industry, developing a foundation in the business world.

According to AI, Brian will likely thrive in chaos, preferring to shape new ideas and take calculated risks.

Staging The Difference Consulting

Reach out if you’re interested in:

  • Making your collaborative sessions more human and enjoyable
  • Leveraging your team or community to create/build better solutions than you could have ever imagined
  • Running a smooth virtual meeting
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Work I’m excited about:

  • Innovation Campaigns
  • ESG and Global Impact Work
  • Connecting diverse perspectives for productive dialogue and better solutions