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Privacy Policy

Last updated March 28, 2024     This privacy notice for The Difference A2C, LLC (“we,” “us,” or “our“), describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or share (“process“) your information when you use our services (“Services“), such as when you:… Read More »Privacy Policy

Dana Kulikova

I am a creative digital producer with over eight years of experience in marketing and project management, who loves to help a team bring innovative ideas to life. I manage and lead project teams from concept to implementation, ensuring that… Read More »Dana Kulikova

Braulio Bucio

I’m an experienced network administrator with a software and hardware implementation background. I have highly developed skills in troubleshooting, communication, and collaboration, which are crucial to our work at theDifference. My passion for technology is strong, and I’m driven to… Read More »Braulio Bucio


I am a designer, facilitator, and consultant based in New Orleans, Louisiana. My work involves community building, organizational change management, and process facilitation. In general, I am compelled to ignite and sustain communities of people to make a difference in… Read More »JONAH EVANS


I am outgoing and passionate about software, hardware, Esports, gaming, and all things technology. These interests have led me down a path with a very odd diverse skillset, including website development, tech research, live production, VR/AR/XR events, and tech ideation.… Read More »JOSH KAPLAN

Heather Renze

I am a highly skilled open and internal innovation practitioner. I get excited about solving problems and helping organizations explore all possibilities, both known and unknown. Over my decade in the innovation management space. I’ve fallen in love with the… Read More »Heather Renze

Caroline Burke

I am a natural problem solver and creative thinker with nearly a decade of experience designing and delivering collaborative work sessions around the world. In my work, I create spaces where people with diverse perspectives can gather together, have meaningful… Read More »Caroline Burke

Brian Kehner

Finding purpose through joy led me to theDifference in 2019…as well as a very compelling offer to work with my dad. As a Solution Designer and Facilitator, I combine two passions in bringing people together and making work much more… Read More »Brian Kehner

Tessa Manahan

I am a people person who enjoys thinking big and dreaming big. That means I genuinely want to know you and how you see the world. I’m interested in understanding the complex dynamics that influence our behavior and choices. That… Read More »Tessa Manahan

Jason Chen

I am an innovation accelerator, entrepreneur, collaborator, and facilitator, and in my role at theDifference, I combine all these skills. I am passionate about solving complex problems and assisting organizations in expanding their horizons. With over 20 years of experience… Read More »Jason Chen