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Chatgpt 101

Here are some prompts to get you started!

Content Creation

Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing

As a social media manager for a popular brand, brainstorm 10 engaging content ideas that resonate with your target audience, drive engagement, and boost sales. Consider latest trends, past successes, and different content formats. Include educational, entertaining, and promotional content while staying true to the brand’s values and personality.

Create Engaging Questions

As a social media influencer, create five thought-provoking, open-ended questions related to the given topic to spark conversation and engagement among your followers. Ensure the questions are relevant, interesting, and use appealing language. Topic: [TOPIC OF POST]

Social Media Caption Generator

Write a readable Instagram caption for the given post with each sentence on a new line. Use emojis and relevant hashtags. Begin with an engaging hook sentence (avoid starting with “Are you curious?”). Description: [Description of Post]

Hashtag Recommendations Based on Post Description

Create a table of 20-30 relevant hashtags for the given post, considering content and target audience. Include hashtags with varied usage volumes, sorted from high to low. Be creative and consider keywords and topics associated with the post. Description: [DESCRIPTION OF POST]

Blog Articles

Write a 1000-word, SEO-optimized, and engaging blog article using descriptive writing and specific examples. Include h1, h2, h3, bullets, lists, and block content as needed. Use rich paragraphs, subheadings, and keyword-rich titles. Format with {start article} and {stop article} tags. Include a meta title and description. Avoid echoing the prompt or using generic filler phrases. Write in a fun and entertaining way. Blog title: [BLOG TITLE]

Product Ideas

As a product designer, brainstorm five innovative and unique product ideas for the given industry that could disrupt the market and capture consumer attention. Consider latest trends, problem-solving, and desired features. Industry: [INDUSTRY OF NEW PRODUCT]

Create a Product Name

As a marketing specialist, create 10 catchy and memorable product names for the given product or service. Consider target audience, features, and brand message. Make the names creative, attention-grabbing, and easy to remember. Product description: [PRODUCT DESCRIPTION]

Write a Product Description

As a copywriter, write a persuasive and detailed product description for the given product or service. Consider unique features, benefits, target audience, tone, and voice. Use descriptive language and storytelling techniques. Make the description clear, concise, and informative while sparking curiosity. Product: [PRODUCT DESCRIPTION]

Customer Support

Writing an Email Response

Write a clear, concise, and effective professional email to a customer regarding the given purpose. Use proper grammar, spelling, and tone. Introduce yourself and your company, address customer needs and concerns, and include all relevant details. Thank the customer for their business and follow up if necessary. Purpose: [PURPOSE OF EMAIL]

Writing FAQs

Craft detailed and informative FAQ entries for a customer support website on the given topic. Consider common questions, important information, and various customer perspectives. Use clear, concise, and straightforward language. Think about format, tone, and style to make the entries readable, accessible, and engaging. FAQ Topic: [FAQ TOPIC]

Business Administration

Create Subject Lines for Email

As a marketing expert, create ten eye-catching subject lines for an email campaign based on the given description. Consider audience, product or service, and tone. Make them short, clear, relevant, and curiosity-provoking. Be creative and experiment with different tones and emotions. Email description: [EMAIL DESCRIPTION]

Create an Outline for a Newsletter

As a marketing specialist, create an outline for a newsletter promoting a new product launch. Include a catchy headline, attention-grabbing introduction, detailed product description, benefits, and a strong call-to-action. Consider tone, style, and target audience interests. Product description: [PRODUCT DESCRIPTION]

Write a Newsletter

Create a prompt for ChatGPT to generate a marketing newsletter email based on a given topic. Consider audience, brand identity, campaign goals, tone, and style. Include a compelling subject line, informative content, and clear calls to action. Proofread and edit for clarity, grammar, and tone. Incorporate a provided title and outline if given. Task: ‘Design a newsletter for the topic’: [TOPIC]

Meeting Agenda Creation

Quick Prompts:

  • Generate a List of Acton items for a meeting on team goals

  • Suggest five agenda items for a meeting with my team to discuss our project’s progress and next steps

  • Come up with three potential topics for a brainstorming session on [TOPIC]

  • Suggest five icebreaker questions for a meeting with a new client

  • Create a list of discussion points for a meeting on company strategy in this [INDUSTRY]

  • Suggest some agenda items for our next [DEPARTMENT] team meeting

Task Management and Reminders

Generate Daily Calendar

As an executive assistant, create an optimized incremental schedule for a workday, considering specific times, buffer times, travel times, and using the Pomodoro method for block time. Tasks to accomplish: [DETAILED LIST OF TASKS]

Export this to an .ics file to import into your calendar

“now, can you give me an example of how I would create an .ics file from this schedule?”

Market Research and Analysis

Competitor List

Based on the product information, create a list of competitors including company name, location, size, target audience, whether they are direct or indirect competitors, and estimated monthly paid search ad spend. Present results in a table format. Product info: [PRODUCT INFO]

Pricing Strategies

[Product info] + How do our product prices compare to our competitors?

Keyword Identification

Given the product information, create a list of short and long-tail target keywords, including search volume, average CPC (Cost per Click), competitor targeting, and estimated clicks for Google Search Ads. Product info: [PRODUCT INFO]