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Christopher Jones

Staging The Difference Consulting
staging thedifferenceconsulting
Christopher Jones

Hello! I am an illustrator, a visual developer, a concept designer, and a music producer.

I spent my first ten years of life in Cameroon, Africa, with the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Once my parents had completed the New Testament translation into the Kom language, my family moved to Montana in 2006, where my desire for illustration ignited.

In 2015, I graduated high school, packed my bags, and moved down to Los Angeles, the hub of animation. I was determined to learn from the best! By providence, I was able to sit under the teaching of many veterans of the craft while learning on the job as a full-time illustrator. Before long, six years had whizzed by, and I was back in Montana with my beautiful wife and baby girl, ready to launch into a new adventure at theDifference!

My goals for my craft are the same today as when I began: glorifying God and bringing joy to a hurting world. It truly is a joy and honor to be a part of the team here at theDifference.

Staging The Difference Consulting

Reach out if you’re interested in:

  • Telling your story with visual language and clarity of communications
  • Building a world through illustration
  • Solving problems through clear and visual representation
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Work I’m excited about: