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David Roberts

David Roberts
Staging The Difference Consulting
staging thedifferenceconsulting

I am a lifelong surfer. I’ve always been itchy for adventure and exploration. This mindset drives my approach to helping clients and developing our company.

In 2006, I Ieft Big Four consulting and set out to co-found a company aimed at delivering great results for organizations around the globe. As a master facilitator, certified executive coach, strategic partner, and organization leader I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do that.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s top teams and organizations over the years. My primary focus these days is helping the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its global partners with issues of global health, climate, and gender.

At theDifference I’m surrounded by agile designers who create amazing solutions to the world’s greatest challenges and, 15 years in, it feels like we’re just getting started.

Staging The Difference Consulting

Reach out if you’re interested in:

  • Creating exceptional learning experiences
  • Solving problems collaboratively with the people who have the most at stake in the solution
  • Telling your story more clearly and concisely through visual modeling
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Work I’m excited about:

  • Exploring whether our future is digital or human (it’s both – but how?)
  • Building a team of amazing people at theDifference
  • Working with clients from all over the world
  • Facilitating more think tank groups like Sabin Aspen or Equity Reference Group
  • Working with large groups and small groups
  • Helping organizations, teams, and people have honest conversations
  • Teaching what I’ve learned to clients and colleagues
  • Learning bass guitar; I already know regular guitar, but now my 14-year-old does too, so I need a new instrument
  • Swimming at Masters National Championships in 2023 for the 8th time