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Kimberly Delaney

Staging The Difference Consulting
staging thedifferenceconsulting
Kimberly Delaney

As a partner at theDifference, I am most proud of our evolution.

I have had the privilege of witnessing our work evolve to the point that we are making theDifference for some of the best companies and organizations in the world and on some of the most difficult issues of our time, including climate change and global gender equality.
Staging The Difference Consulting

Reach out if you’re interested in:

  • Creating a movement for change and innovation in or or through your organization
  • Building communities of people changing the world for the better
  • Crafting powerful and compelling stories that resonate and motivate action
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Work I’m excited about:

  • Advancing space cybersecurity with the first ever on-orbit hacking competition –
  • Improving global health outcomes by elevating women in health leadership – WomenLift Healthcare
  • Building a community of industry, innovators and governments solving climate change –
  • Furthering national and international security by supporting innovation in the Department of the Air Force –,