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Lisa Layton

Staging The Difference Consulting
staging thedifferenceconsulting
Lisa Layton

Lisa Layton is a degreed accountant (our Controller), former software programmer, disabled veteran, wife, mother, grandmother, and a child of God.

In the Navy, Lisa held a Top-Secret clearance, and her job was to operate and troubleshoot global encrypted communication systems from satellites to submarines. When the Navy decided they couldn’t repair her (Lisa was injured during Desert Storm), she was honorably discharged.

Since there is no huge need for cryptology in the civilian world, Lisa found a new career in custom programming for accounting software called SouthWare. She loved the challenge of finding the fix to a client’s need and teaching them how to utilize it. Eventually, the VA approved Lisa for vocational rehabilitation, and her test scores placed her in the accounting degree program. She will spend an hour looking for a penny discrepancy in her checkbook. Nevertheless, she did her 4-year degree in 2 years and three months, graduating with honors.

After college graduation, her first boss (Michelle Kelley) is now her boss again. They are a dynamic duo and have worked together since October 1st, 2019. They pride themselves in being each other’s backup and getting the numbers right! Lisa is a rarity in that she can speak tech-geek and accounting!

Lisa and her husband (Randy is also a disabled veteran) have two sons and four grandchildren. She serves on the Women’s Council of her church, Gwinnett Community Church.

Staging The Difference Consulting

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