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Nikia Brautovich

Staging The Difference Consulting
staging thedifferenceconsulting
Nikia Brautovich

I’m Nikia, a summa cum laude graduate from UCLA who brings my unwavering intensity and passion for sports to the workplace.

At theDifference, I’m a word ninja, crafting captivating stories and leaving no typo or stylistic error unchallenged.

But how did I get here? A chance encounter with a yogi friend led to a journey filled with self-discovery and a thirst for excellence. When I’m not tackling business challenges, I’m crushing it on Peloton, connecting with the Croatian community in the Bay Area, and adventuring with my trusty 8-year-old Vizsla.

Staging The Difference Consulting

Reach out if you’re interested in:

  • Fueling your mind and body: Come chat nutrition, Vizslas, Peloton, distance running, and track and field
  • Transforming your writing: Elevate your words to the next level with my writing assistance
  • Making connections that matter: Forge meaningful connections through the power of storytelling
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Work I’m excited about:

  • Forge meaningful connections through the power of storytelling
  • Igniting the passion in others to become the best version of themselves
  • Crafting impactful stories that leave a lasting impression