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WE BELIEVE in creating change by harnessing the power of people’s creativity, experience, and insight.

WE APPLY a design thinking approach to enable strategic change. Our expertise is in delivering design-based experiences and visual mechanisms that enable groups to envision and create viable futures with collective insight and intent. Our method is an innovative approach to exploring whole system views of change, wherein representatives of the collective parts work together to design and communicate outcomes that they are committed to achieving.

    WE OFFER a full range of creative business solutions and focus our efforts and innovations on four primary areas:

    The intersection of capabilities enables our clients to build communities of people who are truly ready to accomplish astounding results.

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    With the average adult attention span down to a measly 8 seconds, life can be hard for companies like us who need to communicate a complex product, service, or message.Read More…

    Choose Your Own Adventure


    Find out how the latest trend in interactive video can help improve your change management, training, or marketing communications by increasing audience engagement, accelerating understanding, and influencing behavior.Read More…

    What Just Happened? – “Deflategate” from theDifference

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    Did the Patriots cheat? Who knows? But perhaps Deflategate isn’t actually about flat footballs.Read More…

    Holiday musings from theDifference team


    As we head into some well-earned days off to celebrate the holidays, I asked the team to share some of their family’s favorite holiday traditions. Of course, being the creative crew that we are, you can’t expect all cookie baking and caroling…Read More…

    Motion Story Design Process Clears Barriers to Successful Vision Development

    Design Process Clears Barriers to Successful Vision Development

    October 21, 2014
    An innovation group at a Fortune 20 multinational energy company needed stakeholders to understand and support their vision, yet they lacked the alignment and clarity to fully articulate their vision. theDifference Visual Communications was called in…Read More…

    Innovating Better Health with McKesson


    September 27, 2014
    theDifference is proud to be part of the McKesson Better Health Tour. With stops so far in Portland, Boston,Twin Cities and Toronto, the Tour is an opportunity for local healthcare leaders and innovators to engage in meaningful conversations about how to improve the healthcare ecosystem in their city.Read More…