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theDifference Consulting



Colter D Lease

I have a passion for design that lives outside the mainstream blah, and I have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I operate a small lavender farm with my wife and rambunctious daughter in my spare time.… Read More »Colter D Lease

Christopher Jones

Hello! I am an illustrator, a visual developer, a concept designer, and a music producer. I spent my first ten years of life in Cameroon, Africa, with the Wycliffe Bible Translators. Once my parents had completed the New Testament translation… Read More »Christopher Jones

Nikia Brautovich

I’m Nikia, a summa cum laude graduate from UCLA who brings my unwavering intensity and passion for sports to the workplace. At theDifference, I’m a word ninja, crafting captivating stories and leaving no typo or stylistic error unchallenged. But how… Read More »Nikia Brautovich

Sarah Wilson

I am a well-rounded strategic thinker and problem solver with almost 20 years in the industry. I’ve created work for a wide range of clients, from global companies to start-ups. My diverse experience makes me especially suited for theDifference, as… Read More »Sarah Wilson

Giovanna Paolinelli

I am a behavior analyst, a designer, a strategist and an illustrator. In my work with theDifference, I get to merge all of those things. I joined theDifference in the last quarter of 2020 as if life was not complicated… Read More »Giovanna Paolinelli

Troy Paige

I am a highly skilled open and internal innovation practitioner. I get excited about solving problems and helping organizations explore all known and unknown possibilities. Over my decade in the innovation management space, I’ve fallen in love with innovators’ zest… Read More »Troy Paige

Tom Kehner

I have a passion for bringing out the best in people. I apply this passion externally with my clients and internally with my teammates. I believe that perfection is the enemy of progress and represent a breed of engineering-oriented, artistic… Read More »Tom Kehner

David Roberts

I am a lifelong surfer. I’ve always been itchy for adventure and exploration. This mindset drives my approach to helping clients and developing our company. In 2006, I Ieft Big Four consulting and set out to co-found a company aimed… Read More »David Roberts

Kimberly Delaney

As a partner at theDifference, I am most proud of our evolution. I have had the privilege of witnessing our work evolve to the point that we are making theDifference for some of the best companies and organizations in the… Read More »Kimberly Delaney

Brandon Klein

I am a highly skilled design thinker, master facilitator, bestselling author, and change maker. With a passion for the future of work and web3 transformation, I have been recognized as a guru in these fields. In addition to my professional… Read More »Brandon Klein